Get involved

Financial Planning Week aims to make a real difference in the lives of every South African. It is also an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about CFP® professionals and professional financial planning.

Great ways in which you can get involved

Here are ways in which you can get involved during Financial Planning Week:

  • Reach out to your friends, family, clients and colleagues about the importance of Financial Planning Week, and why they should spread the word about the necessity of professional financial planning advice.
  • Email your clients a link to the Financial Planning Week website. Alternatively, add a link, or insert the Financial Planning Week logo in your email signature.
  • Get social and spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Comment on financial planning blogs and articles, and tell people why you think financial planning can benefit South Africans.
  • Hand out copies of consumer brochures to your clients and colleagues. These brochures highlight the importance of financial planning.
  • Host information sessions on financial planning related subjects.
  • Host the FPI MYMONEY123™ session.
  • Provide free financial planning consultation during Financial Planning Week.

Download the toolkit
and get involved.