Take action and invest in your future

Financial planning is the process of structuring and arranging your financial resources to meet your life goals. These can be as short term, or long term goals. 

Here are some financial planning tips:

  • Write down your financial goals.
  • Draw up a budget.
  • Include your children in the running of the household budget.
  • Create or revise your will.
  • Create an emergency fund.
  • Speak to a professional financial planner.
  • Book or attend a financial planning session in your area.

Download more tips and financial planning resources.

Financial planning events in your area

Get free, no strings attached financial planning consultation and learn about financial planning activities in your area.

FPI MYMONEY123™ financial education programme 
Free sessions that will focus on the basics of personal financial planning highlighting three critical areas:
  • Personal financial management and budgeting
  • Dealing with debt and 
  • Understanding savings and investments. 

Information Session

The information sessions are hosted by financial planners and/or financial planning practices. These sessions will cover subjects related to financial planning such as, savings and investments, retirement, planning your financial future, financial planning for young families etc. and are available to the public at no costs.

View a list of participating financial planners and practices or contactmymoney123@fpi.co.za