Investors want to maximise the return on their savings over their lifetime, while minimising risk on those portfolios. Watch our top three finalists in the Financial Planning Institute’s (FPI) Financial Planner of the Year Award, take us through:
• The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation, with Francois le Roux, CFP®
• Whether endowment policies still offer value with Janet Hugo, CFP®
• Resilient investment plans with Mark MacSymon, CFP®

The stock market can be volatile from time to time, should one get out when there is turmoil or stay for the long run? Take three minutes to watch Janet Hugo, CFP®, for some tips on this.

Do you have a financial plan? Take three minutes and get the lowdown on what a financial plan should look like with Natasja Hart, CFP®. The sooner you start, the less you have to do, and the more your money works for you!

What is lifestyle financial planning? Join Francois le Roux, CFP®, for an overview of how this process will help you match your dreams and aspirations with the reality of a financial plan, all in a quick four minute video.

Is financial planning evolving with the use of technology? Here we have Mike Lombard, CFP®, sharing how the use of technology has brought collaboration up and fees down (from 2m 36).

There are 6 steps that every professional financial planner should be following when setting up a financial plan with you – find out what these are with Francois le Roux, CFP®.